We can realize your experiences with the products you purchase from the Techi e Store. That’s because we go out of our way to ensure that the product quality & after sales service is to be as just which you need. We understand, however, if you found a product defective / damaged or incorrect/incomplete on time of delivery, please do not receive the product, once you receive the product cannot be changed/returned without any kind of technical/manufacturing problem.

  1. Reasons may arise Returning of Product:
  • Product is damaged (physically destroyed or broken) / defective (in front of delivery representative).
  • Product is incorrect (presentation different on website) / incomplete /missing parts (in front of delivery representative).
  • Customers can claim for Return/Refund against delivered product within the given Warranty terms period for Particular Product,   if there found any kind of product operational fault or manufacturing fault.
  • Please take note that, change of mind / No longer needed (you no longer have a use for the product / you have changed your mind about the purchase) / you do not like the product after opening the package are not eligible for return.

2. Returning Process:

You can simply create a request to return your products with the necessary documents of the product that you received after purchase through the right channel and process as described on Techi e Store.

3. Conditions to Return:

If a product is returned to us without fulfilling the above mentioned conditions (referred as an invalid return), we reserve the right to send it back to you.

4. Quality Evaluation for Return Policy:

After Completion the  quality evaluation process, we Returned the products  within 7 working days, once the item reaches our warehouse. If it is deemed to be a valid return, then the refund process will only begin after we have completed the evaluation  procedure of the Refund within 7 working days also. And if it is an invalid return, the product will be sent back to you.

5. Refund Policy:

* If we are not able to deliver.
* If we deliver different Products without informing the customer.
* If the customer receives damaged product.
*According to Digital Policy 2021 of the Government we will refund within 7-10 days.
* Refund is applicable for online orders only.

To obtain a Return Merchandise Number (RMN), contact us

By phone number: 09617-707070

By email: support@techiestore.com